Free, Short Star Trek Adventures Module: “The Ghost Writer”

ghost-writer-1.jpgThere is a free, short Star Trek Adventures module in Modiphia Issue #3 (Spring 2018) called “The Ghost Writer”. It was written by Michael Duxbury and features an encounter with the mourning daughter of a galaxy-renowned philosopher and a kidnapping computer.

My group is having a great time with this campaign; drama pouring from the ears. Not one phaser or photon torpedo was fired. Still, my players were loving the tension and opportunity to ham it up.

I even had the opportunity to interview Michael Duxbury. Click on the link above to download the campaign. And be sure to also check out Duxbury’s blog at


  1. Not sure which antagonist I dislike more… The Ghostwriter or the Daughter.

    But I will wait to read this until after I finish playing in it.

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