Featured Crew: Kasidy Yates


Kasidy Yates is a Human civilian freighter captain operating in the Alpha Quadrant. Her ship is the Xhosa, and she is the founder of Kasidy Yates Interstellar Freights. Originally an independent operator, she began working for the Bajorans. She was also secretly smuggling cargo to the Demilitarized Zone for the Maquis. She began a romantic entanglement with Benjamin Sisko, but her involvement with the Maquis sent her to prison in 2372-73. She would repair her relationship with Sisko, and one day marry him.

Kasidy-Yates (PC Version)

Microsoft Word - YatesPC.docx


Featured Crew articles spotlight familiar characters not currently covered by official stats. Each article will typically feature a Major NPC version of the character, as well as a playable Main Character version (Core Rulebook compliant) that you can hand out to a player for immediate play (such as for a demo or convention game).

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