Replicator Resources: Star Trek Adventures Game Finder

Tired of sitting around at home reading through the STA Core Rulebook for the 19th time wishing you had pals with which to actually play the game?

Well, Hairy Gamer Jase has a solution for you, the Star Trek Adventures Game Finder. This map is for players and GMs of Modiphius Games Star Trek Adventures (STA) to post their approximate locations and to try and arrange campaigns with other players, etc.
The instructions to use it are fiendishly simple:-
  1. Select the relevant Layer you want to appear on GM/Player/Venue.
  2. Type in the City or Postcode you want to add.
  3. Select “+ Add to Map” in the pin dropped on the map.
  4. Click the Pencil icon to edit the name.
  5. Change name of pin to your name or venue name and add in a Contact email address so other players/GMs can contact you.
  6. In the list of pins on the left select the Paintpot icon beside your entry and change the color to the relevant one of that layer.

Want more info? Contact:

Hairy Gamer Jase


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