Featured Crew: Keiko O’Brien


Keiko O’Brien, née Ishikawa, is a civilian botanist who had served aboard the Enterprise-D, where she was head of the plant biology lab. She met her husband, Miles O’Brien, aboard that ship. Keiko and Miles had their first child, Molly, in 2368. Later, when Miles was transferred to DS9 in 2369, she and Molly went with him. She became a teacher aboard the station, before joining an agrobiology expedition on Bajor in 2371, serving as the chief botanist. She returned to DS9 in 2372, to have their second child, but a shuttle accident forced Major Kira to carry Kirayoshi to term on Keiko’s behalf. Keiko was also taken over by a Pah-wraith, but Miles was able to free her from possession. She returned to Earth for some time, but returned to DS9 in 2374. She would move back to Earth with Miles in 2375, after the Dominion War.

Depending on the year, Keiko may be used on the Enterprise-D, Deep Space Nine, Bajor, Earth, or even Cardassia if you go with the beta canon where she became project leader of agricultural planetary renewal for that planet.

Keiko O’Brien (PC version)

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