More Roll20 Goodies

Today I bring yet more goodies for those of you out there using Roll20 as your virtual tabletop solution. Both of these can be used by Player and GM alike, though the second requires a GM to set up initially.

The first goody is the VTT Enhancement Suite extension. This add-on works for both Chrome and Firefox, as well as for both Player and GM. It has so many quality of life tweaks to the default Roll20 experience, including, but not limited to:

  • A new way to scroll through your maps as the GM
  • Layer indicators
  • Auto-fit maps
  • Global Token Editing that can sync across every map
  • Table/Macro/Character/Jukebox Import & Export

And so much more! That last bullet is especially important, as you won’t be able to use the next goody without it!

The second goody is a set of rollable tables and a one-click macro that automatically rolls on the Technobabble chart found in the Operations Supplement. Get stuck in the moment and need convincing Technobabble? Click this macro and within seconds you’re given something to impress your group with. Setting this up does require GM access, but once everything’s imported into your Roll20 game anyone can use it!

You can grab the Technobabble JSON files here.

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