The Universe-class was first seen in ENT 3×18: “Azati Prime“. Captain Archer was brought by Daniels to the 26th Century to the Battle of Procyon V. There the U.S.S. Enterprise-J was fighting against the Sphere-Builders to avert their galaxy-wide takeover. Though this was but a brief glance at the Universe-class, we also see it in Star Trek Online as the Universe Temporal Heavy Dreadnought Cruiser.

Canonically, the Universe is the largest ship ever made by the Federation. It was designed as a type of mobile starbase capable of traveling between galaxies. Stating this beast was difficult because of how advanced its 26th century technology is and how massive it is. I decided to treat it like a literal moving starbase, capable of taking Starbase Talents (Those found both here on Continuing Mission and those found in the Command Supplement) and docking up to 6 ships of Scale 6 or lower.

The next challenge was making the Gravitic Lance somewhat sane given how powerful a weapon it is in STO. If you feel it needs further tweaking, I would recommend perhaps making the breaches-on-complications be equal to the amount of power dumped into the shot.

Final note – This was initially done as a thought experiment for /u/-Lindol-. You can thank them for this madness 😉

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