Tevale, Romulan Defector

Hello and welcome to another addition to the Tuesdays at Quark’s lineup! If you missed the last announcement, this is the last of T@Q’s for a while as I focus on creating some other great content for you all. I’m exploring potential love interests this month and today I’ve got one I’m really excited about: a Romulan defector.

Tevale is a little thornier than other love interests we’ve had in this column. Normally, love interests are allies who can have shared history that plays into current events. Tevale isn’t exactly an enemy but they aren’t someone the Main Characters have interacted with a lot. Still, that’s part of the interesting elements of a story with romantic themes. Tevale might be isolated and lonely, but if there’s a situation they can hang out with a Main Character and grow closer then things can take on some momentum.

There are lots of ways to make that work but here are some plot hooks to get you started.

  • The crew is tasked with transferring Tevale between secure locations. While they do, Tevale works with the ship’s chief engineer on a project they are considering and sparks begin to fly. When Nausicaan mercenaries get onboard and retrieve Tevale and sell them back to the Romulans, these new emotions provide a burning motivation.
  • When the crew encounters a new Romulan warbird design, they meet with Tevale as Starfleet’s main Romulan expert. This is complicated, though, as one of the Main Characters met them before and grew close… then they left Tevale behind. This past pain will be a serious roadblock for a Romulan who doesn’t drop old grudges.

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