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We started to outline Klingon raider spaceframes in the introductory post to this series so check that one out for your classic B’rel bird-of-prey. Here we’re continuing in the raider vein with the higher-Tier birds-of-prey and… things are going to start looking weird, you all. Take it away, Takeshi!

Norgh-class and Ning’tao-class Raiders

The Norgh class is the free Tier 3 bird-of-prey in Star Trek Online, and it has a decent look to it:  like a QulDun with wider wings and a slightly different head design. While it counts as its own design in STO, and we’ll treat it as a ‘base model’ here, we’ll still draw upon the QulDun for initial stats and build it from there. So Scale 3, again and let’s say this thing has a launch date of 2350, which gives us 56 System Points to work with. A Structure score of 8 is very good, even if it’s on the low end of things: it’s the nature of birds-of-prey, their hulls are just a bit more fragile than other ships. Plus, it’s a point higher than the QulDun’s 7. Weapons 10 (again a point higher than the QulDun class) also makes sense and represents the extra set of cannons on the leading edge of the wings. And Engines 10 represents the most advanced power plant, drive system, and cloaking device that can be shoved in there. Sensors 10 is still highly advanced for this time, and Comms 9 and Computers 9 still represent decent equipment there. For Departments it still ahs the standard ‘raider base model’ modifier spread.

Since this is a new base model, check out the file above for a full treatment. The Norgh-class also has a distinctively-looking variant, the Ning’tao-class bird-of-prey. Showing influence from the Klingons’ Orion, Gorn, and Nausicaan allies, the Tier 3 Ning’Tao class is a 25th-century design that looks more insectoid than bird-like. Plus, the extra set of wings gives it a unique look in addition to the “shelled” exterior. With a launch date of 2405, the Ning’tao has 6 refits to apply to the Norgh statblock. Put +2 in Weapons and Engines, and +1 in Sensors and Computers. The Quad-linked Disruptor Cannons and Quantum Torpedoes this thing has give it a lot of boom in Star Trek Online, and upgrading the powerplant, sensor arrays, and computer cores is good for this bird. Bring Engineering down to 0 and raise Security to +2 for the Departments. This thing is about as offensive-based as the Kor, though the weapons aren’t quite as powerful. It still keeps the Rapid-Fire Torpedo Launcher of the Norgh, though.

Ki’tang-class and Ch’Tang-class Raiders

Named after the only Klingon ship at Chin’toka that was unaffected by the Breen energy dampening weapon, the Ki’tang-class ship is our free Tier 4 bird-of-prey in Star Trek Online. And it’s large enough to make it the first raider to hit Scale 4. At least that’s my thoughts on the subject. Being named after a ship from the Dominion War, this thing obviously comes after said war so we’ll give it a Launch Date of 2381. This gives us 60 Systems Points to work with so 12 points in Weapons, 8 in Structure, and 11 in Engines all make sense for a bird-of-prey. Comms get 9 points, as this thing is meant for solo ops and doesn’t need comm gear quite as much, and the last two systems get 10 points.

Check out the file above for the completed file on the Ki’tang class, as well as its hunchbacked variant the Ch’Tang-class bird-of-prey. As usual, the influence of engineers from the Klingon Defense Force’s new allies/subjects affects the design of the Ch’Tang-class which is found as a C-Store counterpart to the Ki’tang. Like the Ning’tao-class spaceframe above, this thing a much more insectile look and, obviously, it is also a 25th century design (which upgrades the arsenal). A Launch Date of 2403 gives us 2 refits to put to work on the stats of this thing from the Ki’tang-class stats. We’ll put +1 into Structure and Engines, making this thing faster and a bit more durable. For Departments, we’ll take the +1 from Engineering and use it to bring Conn up to +2. We’ll say that this design was meant to focus purely on speed, and as such we’ll swap out Redundant Systems for Improved Impulse Drive.

Heavy Birds-of-Prey

The default skin for the free Tier 5 raider, the Hegh’ta-class heavy bird-of-prey, obviously takes after the Ki’tang-class design (see above) in terms of appearance. It’s definitely suped up, though, with reinforced wings and more neck superstructure. We’ll treat it as a new ‘base model’ since that’s what Star Trek Online does, but honestly we’ll just take the Ki’tang statblock and improve upon it So, this is going to be our first base Klingon ship to be launched in the 25th Century. Let’s give it a Launch Date of 2401, which gives us 62 Systems Points to work with. Like the Ki’tang, this thing is Scale 4. For Systems, 12 points each go into Engines and Weapons, giving this thing a lot of boom and a lot of speed and power. This is essentially the Klingon Defense Force’s current mainline raiding vessel in the Star Trek Online era. A 9 in Structure actually works here too, making this thing able to actually take a few hits. Comms also gets a 9 as Comms gear improvements were skipped over, and Computers and Sensors both get 10.

The Haj-class heavy bird-of-prey is the one variant of the Hegh’ta class and…OK, now this is a weird design. Looks almost bat-like rather than bird-like, especially from head-on, plus those extra nacelles on its back like rocket launchers. Compared to the Hegh’ta class, I’d say the Haj-class raider is meant more as a recon bird so we’ll outfit it for scouting. To make a Haj-class vessel, start with the Hegh’ta-class spaceframe then reduce the Weapons by -2 increase the Sensors by +2, drop Security to 0, and add +1 to Science. Then swap out the Advanced Torpedoes for High-Resolution Sensors.

HoH’SuS-class Fleet Bird-of-Prey | Image © Cryptic Games

Fleet Bird-of-Prey

If the Haj-class heavy bird-of-prey variant is weird looking, the HoH’SuS-class fleet bird-of-prey is truly bizarre. Those giant holes in the wings can’t be healthy, not to mention how cramped that forward bridge space… Anyway, the HoH’SuS-class bird-of-prey is a different kind of vessel as it’s meant as an auxiliary ship. But not a hangar pet, no – rather, this thing docks into the back of Bortasqu’-class Dreadnought Cruisers (and the three advanced variants thereof) as a glorified, oversized Captain’s Yacht. This thing is also small enough that I’m saying it’s Scale 3. Obviously, having been developed with the Bortasqu’ gives this thing a Launch Date of 2409, and 62 System Points to work with. Structure gets 8 points, as it’s still a bit fragile, and Weapons and Engines get 12 points each. Everything else also gets a 10. Check the file below for full stats.

Pronunciation Note from Mephit: You might be wondering how to pronounce “HoH’SuS,” and who could blame you? I imagine the writers of Star Trek Online try to avoid the most difficult Klingon phrases but I’m glad that they just go for it sometimes. I don’t speak much Klingon but I’m here to help with this one. The two parts of this name (before and after the apostrophe) combine to “Killing Wind” which certainly sums up the role of a Klingon raiding vessel.

The capital H’s here are pronounced like a German CH (or an Irish/Scottish CH if you know those). It’s somewhat like an English H but guturally in the back of your throat. Meanwhile, the capital S is like an English SH (a “regular” S is shown with lower case). An apostrophe denotes a glottal stop which is sort of like choking for a split second. It’s why Klingons on Star Trek always seem like they’re coughing out their Klingon-language dialogue: the actors are instructed to close off their throat in the middle of some words.

In summation, you should pronounce this Fleet Bird-of-Prey as “CHŌCH-{{pause}}-SHOOSH!” Needless to say you should shout it out.

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