Species: Kzinti (version by Saul Schimek)


The Kzinti, originally created by Larry Niven, made an appearance in the Gamma Quadrant sourcebook. Fellow fan Saul Schimek wrote the following Species profile for the Kzin, which he posted in the Star Trek Adventures RPG group on Facebook. We have formatted it a little and presented his work as a PDF, with his permission. He also points out that there is more on the Kzinti at this page, from an old Traveller write-up.

Kzinti (PDF)


  1. This was great! A question: where did you get the Kzin-Federation history? Is there a source for that or is it entirely homebrew?

    1. This is a Homebrew spun from reading The Man Kzin Wars series from Larry Niven and Baen publishing , Watching ‘The Slaver Weapon’ ST:TAS episode, and some old campaign information From back in the days of Prime Directive. Added in the Gamma Quadrant book information after a revision of some of the information. I hope people will use and abuse it as needed 🙂

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