Spaceframes (by Psyfer): Galaxy X, Challenger, Niagara, Springfield, Freedom, and Cheyenne

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Today we showcase a fellow STA gamer’s spaceframes. Psyfer contacted us and asked us to post his spaceframes for these ship classes:

  • Galaxy X
  • Challenger
  • Niagara
  • Springfield
  • Freedom
  • Cheyenne

Here is Psyfer’s Spaceframes PDF!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    After learning a bit more about the game, I’ve noticed that there’s some problems with the Challenger and the Springfield Spaceframes, so here’s some Errata to fix them.

    There’s a slight discrepancy with the Challenger class. Having +3 Security means that if you take the Tactical Mission the ship will have 6 security, which is not allowed by the rules (it has to be from 0 to 5). So I suggest dropping the Security to two and give +1 to Engineering instead.

    The Springfield class’ existing profile reflects more an exploratory vessel than an intelligence platform (because you use Tactical for deciphering coded messages etc.) so I recommend reducing the Science to +1 and raise Tactical to +1.

    Finally, credit for the Phaser Lance rules goes to Mephit James, apologies for not crediting you in the main article.

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