Making Quick Challenge Dice

Can’t find official Challenge Dice? Here’s a visual guide to making quick Challenge Dice with a marker and white six-siders.

Style 1: X for blank.  E for Effect.

Style 2: X for blank. Starfleet symbol for Effect.

Style 3: Square is blank. Starfleet symbol is Effect.



  1. The way I made mine is a bit more complicated but not beyond the realms of possibility. I bought a load of blank 16mm D6s and took two approaches.
    For my Star Trek Challenge Dice, I bought some 10mm circular stickers from an office supplies store and printed the graphics onto them. It’s a real faff to get them lined up in the printer but it works pretty well when you do.
    For my Conan Combat dice, my Gaslands dice and my One Ring dice, I bought some inkjet decal paper. It’s not cheap unfortunately, but it’s readily available. I printed the graphics onto the decal paper and then applied them to the blank dice and sealed them with some Crystal Clear acrylic varnish.
    You can see the end results here:

    1. How much distance you left between the graphics? Because i got the same idea with blank dices and stickers, but i’m not much skilled with editing programs.

      1. It’s difficult to line up the printer with the stickers.
        I printed an image that was essentially a white panel with a thin black line along the top and left edges. This showed me precisely on the page where the top, left corner would be when printed.
        Using that and measuring how far apart the round stickers were, I was able to calculate exactly where to position the graphics.
        I then taped the page of stickers (which was only a couple of inches square) to the image I’d printed earlier, lining up the top, left corner of the sticker sheet with the top left corner of the lines I’d printed. I then fed it into the printer and printed the graphics. They still came out slightly off-centre but it was close enough to use.
        However, I prefer the water-slide decal method now. For that I make sure the graphic fits inside a 10mm circle for positioning on the face of a 16mm die.

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