Data Ran Into Early Model Star Wars Batteldroids Before Jedis Did

I was kicking back watching TNG Season 3, “The Ensigns of Command” when I spotted something that made me choke on my popcorn.

The scene happens when in Ard’rian’s house on Tau Cygna V, where she basically tells Data that she has the hots for androids and that Gosheven, this episode’s resident thick-headed jerk, won’t listen to him because he is an android. Now, notice what Data walks past as he enters the house…


And let’s do a cutscene to a Star Wars battle droid…





  1. Well, if they were Gosheven’s only experience with mechanical life, no wonder he wouldn’t listen to Data.

  2. I just saw this for the first time. Mind blown. This episodes would have been years before attract if the clones. what gives? Did George L design the battle droids after seeing this episode?

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