Legacy-Class Spaceframe

A guest spaceframe post by Mark Compton & Paul Worth, the Legacy Class.

OVERVIEW: At the same time the Advanced Starship Design Bureau began work on the Sovereign-class, they also began the development of the Legacy-class. While the Sovereign design was geared towards a more tactical approach to deep space exploration, some in Starfleet felt that a less aggressive approach was also required. However, the Klingon withdrawal from the Khitomer Accords in 2372 and the ensuing Dominion War brought work on the project to a halt. After the completion of the Dominion War, Starfleet saw the need for a new era of exploration and rekindled the Legacy project. The U.S.S. Legacy NX-92000 is expected to start shakedown trials in early 2376.

CAPABILITIES: Like her sister ship, the Legacy class is equipped with variable geometry warp drive allowing it to modulate its warp field without physically adjusting the warp nacelles. The Legacy has a cruising speed of Warp 7.25 and a maximum warp speed of 9.94 for twelve hours. The starship has extensive advanced research facilities connected to some of the most advanced sensor suites so that it can serve in its role as a deep space explorer. The ship is serviced by two shuttle bays, one at the aft of the primary hull, and the other at the aft of the stardrive. Tactically, the ship has fifteen type X phaser arrays, three direct fire photon torpedo tubes (two forward, one aft), and one Sovereign style quantum torpedo turret on the ventral of the saucer. The Legacy class does not include civilian facilities, however, it is not as minimalistic as older Starfleet vessels, incorporating crew lounges, holodecks, and gymnasiums. As a deep space explorer, the Legacy is expected at times to represent Starfleet and the Federation in diplomatic matters. To this end, the LEgacy Class has 5 fifty square meter ambassadorial quarters, accommodations for fifty ambassador staff, a one hundred twenty meter conference room that can seat sixty guests, five additional briefing rooms, and one independent secure communications facility.

IMAGE CREDITS: The Legacy class images were designed by Andrew Gillespie and Malcom Lu in 2009. Specifications come from graphics on Lu’s DeviantArt page.

Entered Service: 2376 (Projected)





Scale 6


  • Phaser Arrays
  • Photon Torpedoes
  • Quantum Torpedoes
  • Tractor Beam (Strength 5)


Legacy-class starships have the following Talents:

  • Emergency Medical Hologram
  • Quantum Torpedoes
  • Advanced Research Facilities
  • Advanced Sensor Suites

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  1. I think this might actually be my new favourite ship. I like the design of the Sovereign but am more of a fan of scientific and exploration ships (hence my love of the Intrepid class). This class blends the best of both worlds. Very cool.

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