Big Thank You to Everyone Involved in Star Trek Adventures, From Creators and Fans Alike!!

Just feeling really appreciative of the Star Trek Adventures people, creators and fans alike.

We launched Continuing Missions in 2017 and never imagined it would get to the point it is at. In 2020 alone, we had over 65,000 unique visitors and nearly half a million views!!!!!! Your energy keeps us going in what I believe is the best RPG ever designed!!!

Thank you to our regular contributors, Mephit James, “Jester” David Gibson, Tony Pi, ELH, phoenixblue0. It was started by Mark Meredith. Sweetness!

Thank you to the creative team at Modiphius who is too long to mention. Open up the front jacket of any of the rulebooks to see who I mean.

Most of all, thank you to the people you use our site as a resource, Keep funneling great ideas to use, and keep playing the game!

Spread the love!!!

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