Spaceframe: Phalanx Class

A guest spaceframe post by Mark Compton & Paul Worth, the Phalanx Class.

EDIT: Image from Modiphius’s tweet added.

CONCEPTION NOTES: How no one has opened the cover for “Strange New Worlds” and seen this ship, and not been inspired to build the spaceframe for her is beyond us. After first looking at this goddess being ripped apart by a lava octopus, both Paul and I immediately searched the Continuing Mission archives and were surprised that no one had thought to build this thing. After a few minutes of discussion, we got to work. A quick Google search later, and we had all the information we needed, and over the course of the next hour, we designed this beauty that hopefully, someone in this community can find a use for. Please note, we have not included any pictures for this class, as a rather handsome depiction of this ship can, as previously stated, be found on the inside cover of “Star Trek Adventures: Strange New Worlds – Mission Compendium Vol. 2 Supplement”  found here: 

OVERVIEW: The Phalanx-class was intended to be the newest in the line of Starfleet’s long-range explorers. The initial concept was to have the class replace the nearly century-old Excelsior-class vessels still in service. All of this changed after the Battle of Wolf 359. Having been assigned to Utopia Planitia, Commander Benjamin Sisko commandeered the Phalanx-class Development Project as a testbed for the systems that would be used in the Defiant-class. The first ship of the class was rushed into production, going from laying of the keel to commissioning within three years. The first three ships of the class served to help stabilize the Klingon border after Chancellor Gowron withdrew from the Khitomer Accords, and then continued to serve through the Dominion War. After the end of the Dominion War, construction on additional vessels of the class resumed. Currently, the Advanced Starship Design Bureau is looking into the first proposed refit for the class that will correct the fuel efficiency issues that have thus far been encountered.

CAPABILITIES: The Phalanx-class was designed with two warp cores; the intention was to produce a vessel that could be deployed at extremely high speed. This gave ships of the line a top speed of Warp 9.9975 and also served to cause ships of the class to consume anti-matter and deuterium at an advanced rate, limiting their effective range.  During the Dominion War, the ships served best in the role of crisis and emergency response. Post-war, due to the same fuel efficiency issues they serve best in roles such as tactical operations to defend Federation borders, or in strategic and diplomatic operations never traveling more than 50 sectors from Federation borders. Having been developed as a wartime vessel, she is armed with phaser arrays, photon, and quantum torpedoes, and the Phalanx served as the testbed for the phaser canons used in the Defiant-class.


Entered Service: 2371





Scale 5


  • Phaser Banks
  • Phaser Cannons
  • Photon Torpedoes
  • Quantum Torpedoes 
  • Tractor Beam (Strength: 5)


Phalanx-class starships have the following Talents:

  • Improved Power Systems
  • Improved Warp Drive
  • Extensive Shuttle bays

Special Rules

Two Warp Cores: Due to the Phalanx-class running two warp cores, the ship has an additional 4 power.

Fuel Efficiency: Due to having two warp cores running, the ship consumes fuel at an advanced rate. This could lead to complications for the crew as determined by the GM. The GM could also determine that attempting to balance two warp cores may increase the difficulty of certain rolls taken by the crew when resolving an action. 


  1. What would be other ship names…Shieldwall or Infantry Square doesn’t get me excited. I’m not trying to be mean spirited, I’m thinking of using it but sticking to a naming convention…I’m lost.

      1. I think Ronin means that “Phalanx” isn’t a very inspired class name since it brings to mind words like “Shieldwall” and “Infantry Square” which don’t sound like good starship names.

    1. Okay, so a bit late to the reply for this, had to do some diving in a thesarus.

      USS Albatross
      USS Brigade
      USS Concourse
      USS Congregation
      USS Cross
      USS Dactyl
      USS Hook
      USS Shaker

      (Although I do like using Ark Royal, it has a call back to the TOS Tech Manual Dreadnought)

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