New Mission: Sixth Rule of Acquisition

We’ve got a great treat for you today, a new mission courtesy of community member and master GM Erik Waddell. His mission, Sixth Rule of Acquisition, is both wonderfully written and wonderfully laid out. To no one’s surprise, it involves those irascible Ferengi but the details are pretty different from what you might expect…

While completing a planetary survey in an unclaimed system near the Federation – Ferengi Alliance Border, the characters receive a distress call from DaiMon Remp, a Ferengi trader who has been attacked by raiders.  The DaiMon’s ship has been seriously damaged and needs immediate assistance.  The characters have the only ship close enough to help.

This adventure is set in the Next Generation Era. Click on the image to download.


  1. Glad to hear you like it! We had a blast when I ran this mission in an online game last week. The players managed to resolve the situation without resorting to combat at all, though there was still plenty of tension from the initial rescue operation to substantial social conflicts that followed. If you do run this mission I’d love to hear how it went!

    1. This is a world-class adventure. So Star Trek. Modiphus totally couldn’t published this one. I think we are going to laugh a lot since I can play the heck out of a Ferengi. OO-MAK!!!!

  2. Hi, thank you for your share.
    Sorry if I do my Lwaxana Troi, but can we get the document in pdf? When I open this docx, it’s a bit messy, probably because I don’t have the typo you used.
    Thanks again.

  3. I can get a PDF prepared for sure. I have to reformat the document first (Adobe doesn’t interface well with the fonts I have, apparently). I will try and send it in to the site here later today.

    1. I tried to do this before posting too with similar results and then (here’s a peak behind the curtain) have kept Erik waiting with my buddy schedule. I didn’t want to make him wait longer so I posted as-is. I’ll figure it out soon, though, and get an updated version.

  4. I sent in a new version in pdf (it took some adjustment, but it seems to work). Hopefully it will be up here soon. Big thanks to the CM folks!

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