STA Engage—How to Start Your Sessions

In this episode, we are going to talk about how you can use the start of your Star Trek Adventures session to hook your players.

STA Engage is a joint collaboration between Studio Tembo, the Starfleet Command Discord Community, and the Continuing Mission STA website. We are going to discuss all things related to the Modiphius Entertainment RolePlaying game, Star Trek Adventures!

From interviews with creators, community leaders, and fans of the game, to tips and tricks to be better players, game masters, and all-around better storytellers! And don’t worry, we will also discuss the Trek universe as a whole. Not only how it relates to the STA RPG—but since we are all fans of Gene Roddenberry’s wonderful creation, we will boldly discuss any Star Trek related topics.

You can find out more at, or join our discord:


  1. I loved the comment about reviewing what the players saw not what you as the GM were trying to show them…really took that to heart. I agree about them doing the recap and they all take notes to give info.

    1. Yeah it makes a big difference and really helped me improve my storytelling and description-giving skills.

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