Doctor Joseph M’Benga


By Mark Compton

Joseph M’Benga grew up in the Uganda region of Earth as the child of medical professionals. This set the course of his life path, unerringly into the field of medicine. After he graduated medical school, the newly minted Dr. M’Benga set his eyes on the next challenge. He applied for and accepted a medical internship on the planet Vulcan, becoming one of the first humans to do so. Upon completion of his studies there, he operated across the Federation in various postings such as Starbase and starship assignments as a physician. He served a brief two years aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise where his knowledge of Vulcan medicine was crucial in saving the life of First Officer Spock in 2267.  

After his time aboard the Enterprise, he continued to move from posting to posting within the Federation where he became somewhat of a luminary in his own right. He has a brother named Simon who serves as the First Officer aboard the Federation hospital ship U.S.S. Hope.


Dr. M’Benga can be brought in as an NPC assigned to the Player’s ship for a very specific mission. If your adventure will in any way involve Vulcans medical procedures, he could be there to instruct or assist the Player CMO with the issues facing the crew. Note M’Benga is very reserved in his character, he will never seek to take the lead, however, he will willingly advise the players how to proceed particularly when it comes to Vulcan Physiology or Psychology.

Author’s Note: Dr. M’Benga only appears in two episodes of The Original Series. He is never shown with a rank, which is why I’ve listed him as a civilian. Most of my annotations and character creation choices are fueled by Memory Alpha, trying to stay as true to canon as I could with the creation of the character. 

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