Spaceframe: The Constitution-class Refit

By: Mark Compton

Let’s take a minute to talk about the Constitution-class Refit. One of the very few things I disagree with the Command Division Supplement is the statement on p. 55 regarding this. Basically, it says that any Constitution-class that has undergone the refit, uses the same statistics as found in the Core Rulebook with the addition of the normal refit points the ship would have for time in service. 

Here is what we know about the timeline of the Constitution-class refit. According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (3rd ed. p.691) the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture takes place in 2371, taking place 2.5 years after the five-year mission (2264-2269). However, released a video in 2019 placing the events of ST: TMP in 2373. Then again, in the Voyager episode “Q2”, a statement is made on-screen that Kirk’s five-year mission ended in 2270, which would place the events of ST: TMP somewhere around 2272/2273. 

This gives us a rough playground of 2371-2373 for the completion of the refit. For the sake of sanity, I’ll split the difference at 2272. The Constitution-class entered service in 2243, this would allow in 2272 for a total of two refit points to be allocated to the ship’s systems.  

However, from everything we know the Refit is a completely new ship, and had more than just two upgrades. We know for a fact she had extensive structural, engine, and weapons upgrades. That alone is one more system than the two allowed. We also know, from Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise that the ships M4 Computer core was replaced. A couple of things about the refit stand out.

“Admiral, this is almost a totally new Enterprise.”

Captain Matt Decker

“The crew hasn’t had near enough transition time with all the new equipment. And the engines, Admiral: they’ve yet to be even tested at warp power.”

Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott

“Admiral, the Enterprise has just finished eighteen months redesigning and refitting.”

Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott.

The list goes on and on. Memory Alpha references the refit by saying “essentially a new vessel was built onto the bones of the old, replacing virtually every major system.”

With all of that in mind, I present to you the Constitution-class Cruiser (refit) for use in your TMP era campaigns. I would have included pictures, but let’s be real… everyone knows what this beauty looks like.

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