Form fillable Sheets

Here is a first draft of form fillable PDFs for Star Trek Adventures.

Ship Sheet

Species Sheet with space for three talents

I’ve never attempted to make forms on InDesign before, so I’m uncertain of the results on other computers. Please leave feedback in the comments and I’ll see what improvements I can make.

Edit – January 14, 2021

Changed the colour of the text in a few lines in the species sheet. Allowed for multi-lines in the description section.

Made the species and ship names centered rather than left-justified.

Made the text in the name sections resize to allow more characters.


  1. These are great additions to our resources! Thanks for taking the time to create them! I have a question regarding the Species Sheet, though. From what I can tell, the field for the species name seems to only have room for about 9 to 10 characters. Is it possible to give this the field a “shrink to fit” ability (i.e. reduce the font size) so a longer species name could be entered and displayed?

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