Marcus class

Originally designed and written by Shizno, posted on their behalf

The Dreadnought Class was introduced in Star Trek Into Darkness, It was designed by Khan Noonien Singh and Admiral Alexander Marcus, This class was meant to be Starfleet’s first war oriented vessel and entered service in the alternate timeline, year 2259.

This is a different take on the ship, made to be brought into the prime timeline and given an idea on how that could happen. The designs of the vessel along with a series of upgrades were recovered sometime after the fall of section 31 in 2386. Starfleet intelligence would later discover a prototype near completion at an abandoned S31 shipyard. They renamed the class to the Marcus Class to honor Admiral Marcus’ legacy. After extensive testing it would enter service some time in 2409

Equipped with state of the art hardware and software as well as experimental drones to aid in combat. The Marcus class was not only a vessel that could stand its ground but it showed how much of a threat it is by its sheer size alone. The Marcus class has 36 decks and  a crew complement of nearly a 1000, an evacuation limit of 8000. It is however able to be operated by a sole individual with proper clearance incase of an emergency

The main idea for this ship is for games that want to run an intel style game with combat in mind, That does not mean the ship is only for combat, a shuffle in talents and different mission profiles can allow for a wide range of uses. I also really liked the look of it from the movie and how it handles in Star Trek Online, So I hope you have as much fun with this ship as I have had!


  1. This write-up has a great deal of potential. I love the gray-and-black Section 31 design of the page. And the idea of the Vengeance-class dreadnought finding its way into the STO timeline appeals to me. But holy damn, this write-up is loaded with run-on sentences. It could use some editing love, but I have my plate full at the moment.

    I’d so love to find out what became of Admiral Marcus in the Prime timeline. Does STO talk about that at all?

  2. I like how you kept it to the original film scale of about 1,450m. The scale 7 makes it just a touch larger that the D’Deridex class warbird. I have great plans for this build.

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