A hostile species intent on replacing the crew has acquired an unknown alien artifact based on the design of the mind swap device from Camus II.  A representative of the alien culture desires to make first contact. This is followed by a diplomatic party visiting the players vessel and subtle attempts at hostile takeover. (Reference Core Rulebook, page 336 for details on the Mind Swap Device.)

The alien delegation keeps the artifact in a shielded container hidden in their baggage. They only extract the device when one of their number has isolated a crew member in their guest quarters. The aliens use the device to swap bodies then force their original forms into hibernation to try and cover over the ruse. They lie and say that hibernation is a natural response to meeting other species, a temporary defense reflex. The “sleeping” alien form that now contains the essence of the crew member “rests” in guest quarters while the alien now possesses their body and can move freely through the ship.

They are wise enough to not try and replace the senior officers right away. Instead, they want to infiltrate the lower decks to gain access to key systems. The aliens cannot be scanned by empaths or telepaths. Challenge some players to play the role of a hostile alien walking around in their character’s body.

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