New Release! Star Trek Adventures: Mission Briefs Pack 001

My first ever Star Trek Adventures project! Yay!

I am ecstatic to announce the release of my first freelance writing project with Modiphius! And once again, the Star Trek Adventures crew has spread the love by providing the Mission Pack for free! So put Porthos in his crate and prepare for hours of 22nd-century fun!

The Premise:

“The years immediately following the formation of the United Federation of Planets in 2161 were fraught with challenges for new Starfleet crews, whether they were pushing the boundaries of explored space or developing relationships with the many species that chose to join the newly formed Federation. Former adversaries became allies, and a multitude of species had to learn how to work together.”

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And check out the blog to see what I was thinking when working on this project!

I want to thank everyone here at Continuing Missions for supporting this fan site too. You all inspire me to keep writing.


    1. Thanks. I won’t sleep tonight, that’s for sure. haha. It is dedicated to Commander Hansen. 🙂

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