Planetary Scans: Parsa

Looking to add a fresh new planet and society to your game? Look no further than the new Planetary Scan supplement from Al Spader.

Inside you will find a unique new planet and culture with a Mesoamerican feel. Complete with Ships, NPCs, new beasts, and story starters, this supplement has everything you need to drop the planet Parsa seamlessly into your game!


      1. Oh no, I’m already building a 4 episode arc based just on this planet!

        Too much inspiration!

      2. Technology Question: You describe that below each Pyramid/Door, a large reactor and Warp Nacelle. Is this to imply that each Door is actually a short range Warp jump, with each Door being the Origin/Destination like a Stargate? So to go around the entire planet, they’d have to go through the Doors in between?

        Or is it supposed to be closer to a planetary teleportation grid?

      3. It can be whatever you make it for story purposes. Explore and build on the technology.

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