HOMEBREW RULES: Downtime Activities

What does your character do in between adventures or while not on duty? The following system shows how a character’s downtime activity can have an in game benefit or impact.

(Contributed by Michael Freeman)

A character decides what their downtime activity will be. Some examples are Kayaking, Stand-Up Comedy, Putting on a Musical, Preforming extra drills, Playing a game such as 3-D Chess or Poker, Starting a research paper, Attending a pop-culture conference, Studying for a promotions exam, Attending a play, Exercise, etc. What sets a player character apart from others is that during these Downtime Activities a character can have a meaningful experience with them that has an in game benefit or impact. While a character can take many Downtime Activities only one Downtime Activity may be rolled for.

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In order to see if your character has a meaningful experience with their Downtime Activities make an appropriate Difficulty 2 task roll. Since this is not an Active Game Session, no Momentum, Threat, or Determination can be spent on this roll (Focuses can apply). If the task is successful then the player may note the Attribute and Discipline used for the Downtime task and the following benefit is gained.

Downtime Activity Benefit: In the next game session when using either the noted Attribute or Discipline from the Downtime Activity, a player may choose to lower the Momentum cost by 1, once during the next game session. Any extra Momentum earned form the Downtime task roll, may at any point be used to “Create an Advantage” in the next game session for using that Attribute and Discipline. This Advantage can only be used once during the next game session.

Complications Generated: Any critical failures made for this roll results in a Complication for the GM to use in the next Game Session. This complication may be removed normally through game play in the next Game Session. This complication should be related to the Downtime Activity, and could be an injury, questioning oneself and abilities, or even an equipment malfunction.

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  1. I like this, it’s similar to the Delta Green interludes concept of what happens between missions. Only without the agony of personal bonds being torn asunder by your decreasing sanity and urge to increase stats in the occult. 😳

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