How Our Crew Came Together by Matt Day

I’m here with a really fun, excellent resource for your campaign called “How Our Crew Came Together.” If you’ve ever wanted to facilitate deeper relationships among your crew then this supplement by reader Matt Day.

Matt Day is a lifelong Star Trek fan, having inherited a love for the franchise from his mother and the Tuesday night reruns of Voyager on BBC2. RPGs have become a much more recent pastime, having played the part of the friendly neighbour to a newly opened FLGS with a copy of STA in their window. Since then, Matt has delved deep into every game he can get his hands on, but retains a special place in his heart for Star Trek Adventure, often hovering in the online forums and offering beginner sessions to those with a desire to learn the wonders of the system.

His creation for today is based on a few ideas that Matt thought would fit really well into a Star Trek Adventures setting. In particular he pulled from Masks: A New Generation, a Powered by the Apocalypse game about teen superheroes that focuses on emotions and team dynamics. Matt’s goal with this was to translate the ways this game has to give your team (or in this case crew) a bit of group history without the need to play a whole prologue adventure.

I really love how this fits in with an STA game and would love to make it a default part of every Star Trek session zero from here on out!

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