Spaceframe: Sasser-class Exploration Cruiser

by Mark Compton

I stumbled upon this design by accident, and after some research determined that there has not been a version of this written for Star Trek Adventures. I was not able to find anything more than the images, so I had to create the craft’s history from whole cloth. At the end of the day, this is another possible hero ship for players to use in the TNG era of play. I hope that you, my fellow players’ enjoy the Sasser-class.


    1. So, I’ve discovered scale in STA is rather loose and subjective. I actually created a spreadsheet (with my own formula) for determining Scale. This ship still comes in at Scale 6 because it is roughly the same length and beam of a galaxy. she doesn’t loose much in height.

      That being said, if you feel like in your game she is a scale 5, then by all means make that adjustment 🙂

  1. Ah a ship from the Jackill series. The artist released quite a few blueprints for different designs that logically fit the Star Trek universe. I’d love to see some of the other classes given homebrew stats.

    1. I have considered Currently I am working on converting all of the Jaynz TOS ships (Expect a big PDF). Afterwards I may move on to Jackill since I have all the guides

  2. TardisCaptain, you’re in luck. I just started a personal project of mine to make homebrew stats for ship classes that were present at the Battle of Wolf 359: Freedom class, Cheyenne class (my own version anyway since it’s been fanmade before at least twice), Challenger class, Niagara class and Springfield class. It’s gonna be a few days before I finish writing them and it’s gonna be at least a few weeks before they might get published here at CM. (Sorry to spring this on you like this, MJ!) Worse comes to worst, I’ll make them available for download on my GoogleDocs in the meantime.

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