Take Away, Part II

Submitted by Mark L. Compton

Welcome to part II of my “Star Trek: Away Team” articles. Now that you have had some time to digest the profile for the U.S.S. Incursion, I’d like to introduce the Command Crew.  

In the game, there are only three command officers you can select to send on away missions. Captain Marcus Refelian, Commanding Officer; Commander Quint Freedman, Executive Officer; and Lieutenant Yulana Oxila. Lt. Oxilia in the game has no defined role.

Since the Incursion is a ship assigned to Starfleet Intelligence, I decided to make her the ship’s Intelligence Officer.

If you have not played this game, I recommend it. Next to the Starfleet Command series, this was one of my favorite Star Trek Games. 

Using material in the game and from a few online sources I was able to piece together a Lifepath creation for these characters. (Wait until you see the Vulcan Chief of Security who is a Martial Artist). 

As previously stated in the first article, a GM can have the Incursion and her crew show up as guest stars in their game. I suggest that if you do so it is in a fashion where your players wind up being instrumental in helping the crew of the Incursion completes their mission. With that being said, please enjoy the Command staff of the Incursion.


  1. So, um, if Freedman was a member of the Maquis, how’d he get back into Starfleet instead of getting arrested for terrorism? And that’s assuming he was one of the few surviving Maquis that didn’t get wiped out by the Dominion during Season 5 of Deep Space Nine. Was he one of the Maquis stuck in the Delta Quadrant on USS Voyager and pardoned once he got back to the Alpha Quadrant like the rest of the Maquis crewmembers on Voyager?

    Or was he spying on the Maquis while pretending to be one of them like Tuvok?

    1. I have no answers to those questions, this is how the character was presented in the Game, and this is how his in game bio was written. If anything he is aboard incursion in a way similar to Tom Paris maybe? Draftd?

  2. Trading bars for stripes like Tom Paris did at the beginning of Voyager? Yeah, that would make some sense. I wonder what Freedman had to trade for his freedom, though. There’s probably some interesting story potential there.

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