Leigh Woosey—Laying out the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide

Layout Artist Leigh Woosey shares his favorite parts of the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide. Easter Eggs and a STA Starter Set giveaway*. Watch the video for details!

Also, check out the blog interview with Leigh and special bonus content that will appeal to graphic artists and designers.

Ready to play Star Trek Adventures? Continuing Mission has done so much to support STA that Modiphius wants to give some love back, and so I’m very pleased to offer this discount code, CMISSION01, which is a 10% off coupon for the STA Starter Set, and usable on both the Modiphius UK site and the Modiphius US site.

*Due to shipping costs, Starter Set Pack giveaway mentioned in the video only applies to US, European, and Canadian fans.

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