Leigh Woosey—Laying out the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide

Layout Artist Leigh Woosey shares his favorite parts of the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide. Easter Eggs and a STA Starter Set giveaway*. Watch the video for details!

Also, check out the blog interview with Leigh and special bonus content that will appeal to graphic artists and designers.

*Due to shipping costs, Starter Set Pack giveaway mentioned in the video only applies to US, European, and Canadian fans.


  1. My guess is quite a stretch, but since no one else has written any attempt here I’m going to throw it out there.

    Just going off of Mr. Woosey’s comments that it’s more subtle than a visual distortion I’m going to go ultra subtle here: Subspace Scan-0235 on pg. 28. It shows an “Ionization Disturbance Detected” and I’m postulating that it is from the impulse drive of the cloaked vessel.

    I haven’t had time to examine the whole book in detail but that is my attempt. All I ask is to know the true answer once it’s revealed.

  2. n107, you guessed right…well, at least one of them. But good enough to win! Leigh replied, “On two of the graphics of scans around the station, there are sensor readings consistent with how Cloacked Romulan vessels were detected through the shows. There is an “IONIZATION DISTURBANCE” on p28 (The Defector, TNG) and a “GRAVIMETRIC FIELD ANOMALY” on p280 (Visionary, DS9)” DM me on Discord to claim your prize!!!

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