STA Engage and Continuing Conversations—Catch All Our Episodes Via Podcast!!!

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The purpose of this podcast is to talk about all things Star Trek Adventures. This includes announcing the latest releases, highlighting professionals and fans associated with the game, explaining game rules and mechanics, exploring how to be a better GM or player, discussing the wider Star Trek-verse in relation to STA, and answering your questions about the best RPG game ever.

They are also going to all be on all of the other networks StudioTembo hosts on like so Audible/Amazon, Pandora, Google, Apple, IiHeartRadio, TuneIn+Alexa, and YouTube (for video too).

Good stuff! Thanks to StudioTembo for editing and hosting!


    1. Now really. STA Engage was produced by Jeff Harvey of Studio Tembo. CC is more of a me thing, tho Jeff kindly hosts the podcast since he has a great platform. Since all of this is volunteer, we don’t really have any strict format. Maybe one day.

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