Interview with Talented STA Artist LAÏK Vincent

It is always fun to profile the talent that makes Star Trek Adventures such a great RPG. Recently, Modiphius released Trade Ledgers, a mission brief pack I had the privilege to write. One of the first things I noticed in the blog post was the cool art, Ferengis being Ferengis. I asked, “Who made this wonderful piece of art?” After a little search, I was able to catch up with LAÏK Vincent.

How did you get involved with doing the artwork for the Star Trek Adventures game?

I was already working for Modiphius, on INFINITY and I was proposed to work on STA too. As simple as that.

How much creative freedom were you given when you were commissioned to work on the project? Was there an already established storyline involved?

Since every game is already established and created by writers, there is little artistic and visual freedom actually. Especially on games like Star Trek where the universe is so well established. I like the fact that the briefs I’m given are precise and full of references so I know what I have to do and I know what direction is needed. I have certain freedom as far as the composition is concerned and I can add my personal touch as far as my own style is concerned. 

What was your favorite part of doing the concept art for Star Trek Adventures? Tell us the background on the piece(s) you did?

I guess the very first ones maybe because I was really excited. And friends in the RPG community were happy for me that I was working on Star Trek too. The two pieces were very different so it was quite a challenge. One was called Iconian Gateway and was about a Romulan gateway in a control room. It had an eerie atmosphere thanks to the colors, lights, and hues. The other one was more regular Star Trek: an operation room full of Star Fleet officers from different worlds (STNG style). So it was a real clean Star Trek style with technology and iconic outfits and displays. Then I worked on many more pieces I really enjoyed, but the first two were special to me. 

When did your passion for art first develop?

At a young age, since kindergarten I guess. I used to sit at the breakfast table every morning and draw if I remember correctly.

How long have you been a fan of Star Trek?

As a kid growing up in the eighties I watched the original series, and developed a passion for SF!

What advice do you have for any artists looking to get into publishing work with role-playing games?

Try to meet real people in conventions and stuff like that, so you can show your work to real people and talk to them.  You can’t always do that, but I really started to break a little bit in the industry (even if I’m far from reaching my goals) when I met some people at a French convention in Nice a few years ago. They were looking for artists for the RPG. 

Who is your favorite character in Star Trek? Why?

James T Kirk (of course?!) Because I guess of William Shatner (maybe an unpopular opinion for some lol), the way the character is written and his kind of madness, and because of the alchemy between the characters.

What are we most likely going to find you doing if you aren’t working on  Star Trek Adventures?

Working on other games, for other publishers, taking pictures (if you want to take a look: photos), hanging out with friends, and trying to get a new interesting job as an artist!

If you were any component on a starship, what would that be?

The big screen on the bridge of the Enterprise I guess 🙂

Thank you so much, LAÏK, for sharing! Check out more of his amazing work here:

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