STA Super-Fan Mirco Neubauer-Karl Wows Us With His Mission Logs!

Contributed by Mirco Neubauer-Karl

I am Mirco, a Star Trek Fan since around 1978. I am fifty years old and I am a role player for the better part of the last 35 years or so. I started P&P RPGs with the first edition of the German classic “Das Schwarze Age” (“The Dark Eye”) and, except for one gap, I played ever since. D&D, MERP, Rolemaster, Star Wars (the d6 version), Torg: Eternity, and Paranoia are favorites of mine.

Star Trek Adventures is a very special game for me because it unites my two great passions for the first time in a way that feels right. I really do enjoy STA because it captures the feeling of “The Next Generation“ in so many ways. I know no other game facilitates cooperation so beautifully. No previous Star Trek game before STA did this for me. And the Star Trek canon is a very rich background to play in.

This is my 2nd contribution to STA CM, here is the first: STA MACROS FOR ROLL20

My current STA group came together because of the pandemic. We had a little time on our hands, meeting in person was impossible so a VTT was chosen. I wanted to play STA for quite some time, my wife was on board… And it just fell into place. We are seven people between our mid-30s and mid-50s, some seasoned Trekkies, some not. Some first-time RPG players, some not. I think it works very well and as the GM I have a lot of fun.

We play in the German language using roll20 and Skype.

Our Ship:

U.S.S Goodall NCC 73434 – Nova Class
In Service since 2371, commissioned at Avondale Production Facility, Rigel II

Motto: “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Multirole Explorer – Advanced Sensor Suits – Improved Warp Drive – Secondary Reactors

Officers and Crew: ca. 80

The Ship is attached to Narendra Station as suggested in the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide. The year is 2371.

Our Crew

Acting XO/Science Officer Lt. Cmdr. Lenala Ral, joined Trill
Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr. Joclong Rong, Klingon
Communications/Security Lt. jg Vingadia Nerira, Betazoid
Flight Officer Lt. Orel Zog, joined Trill
Ops Lt. jg Sutok, Vulcan
CMO Lt. Dr Keela “Keelyla” O‘Boyle, Human
Captain Cpt. Sosia Orawas, Bolian (NPC)

Mission Plan

We play missions from the Core Rulebook (CORE), Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide (SECG), Living Campaign (LC) , Starterset (STS), the first missions book “These are the Voyages” (TATV), a little bit of original material by me (ORIG) and some of the various Mission Briefs (MB).

Since we are still in the early phase of our campaign the plan is of course subject to change. For example, I really want to fit in missions from the “Trade Ledgers” and “Starbase Adventures” packs. Or it will change if the players go in another direction. And being as excited about the Tilikaal as I am “Under a Bluer Sun” might be pushed back. Our next mission is going to be “Biological Clock” but I will swap the collectors for something more fitting with the Expanse.

So here is the plan:
The Rescue at Xerxes IV (CORE)

Season 1
A Star Beyonds Stars (STS)
The Alcubierre
We Are Not Ourselves
The Pierced Veil
The Space Between (MB)

Season 2
Decision Point (LC)
One Small Step (ORIG)
Convoy SE-119 (LC)
Biological Clock (TATV). <– we are here
Signals (LC)
A World With A Bluer Sun (TATV)
Tug Of War (LC)
We are the Stars that sing with our Lives (LC)
The Assessor Gambit (SECG)
The Displaced (SECG)

Season 3 and beyond
As Many as Six Impossible Things (SECG)
The Qofuari Conundrum (SECG, MB)
Joy’s Soul Lies in Doing (SECG)
Second Contact (SECG, MB)
A Plaque of Aries (TATV)
Disunification (SECG, MB)
A pictures Worth (SECG,, MB)
The Need of the Few (SECG)
Defending Narendra Station (SECG, MB)
The Fallen (SECG, MB)
Prism (SECG)
Cleft of the Rock (SECG, MB)
Time Machine (SECG, MB)
Envoy (SECG)
Deliverance (SECG)

The following Mission logs were written in German and translated using

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