Actual Play Series: Star Trek Valhalla

Today we bring you an actual play series of Star Trek Adventures by friends of the site Charles and DerWolf. As an actual play series on YouTube there’s plenty of adventures of the U.S.S. Ragnar up to watch. Here’s what her crew has to say.

The year is 2404 and the U.S.S. Ragnar NCC-201021 is the latest Intrepid class vessel to be commissioned by Star Fleet after the return of the then Captain Janeway and her crew from the Delta Quadrant ten years ago. Much of the technology and advancements of that vessel were included in the design of this next generation exploration ship. Tentative peace reigns among the major factions of the Alpha, Beta Quadrants and the Federation, which has given Starfleet time to focus more on exploration rather than war and defense. The crew of the Ragnar is tasked with exploring the expanse and discovering what secrets and mysteries may hide within its dense nebula.


Star Trek: Valhalla

“We started STA Star Trek Valhalla to explore the more human aspects of life aboard a starship,” GM DerWolf said, “while also exploring the vastness of the unknown.” Go explore the unknown with them!

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