Star Trek: Prodigy is a series that many have overlooked for some reason or another, which is a shame in my book because it has plenty of cool elements that would make for a killer STA game! Minor spoilers may be contained within.

Photo: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2021 VIACOM INTERNATIONAL. All Rights Reserved.

One such element is the USS Protostar and the derived Protostar-class. This ship is fast. Like, really fast. Its experimental proto-drive can launch the ship over 4,000 lightyears in mere minutes, though at the cost of beaconing to the entire galaxy that it’s done so and draining most of the power reserves. This type of drive is only possible on the Protostar-class due to spoiler-y reasons, and should best be used as a plot device instead of an actual ship Talent.

I worked to maintain the general statline of what a spaceframe should have in the 2380s, in addition to roping in an oft-unseen Talent in the form of Hot Rod from the Delta Quadrant supplement. Using this spaceframe will give you that “small ship feel” while also enabling you to tell all sorts of stories that can potentially span the entire galaxy. I know the USS Wolf-Rayet will be one heck of a first responder/emergency vehicle when I get around to running that game!

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