Officer’s Manual Update by Al Spader

Al Spader, Continuing Missions contributor and freelance writer for Star Trek Adventures, writes, “When I first started producing content for Star Trek Adventures, I wanted to port over the fun spaceframes from FASA’s Officer’s Manual. I wrote several articles about the frames FASA created to bridge the gap between the TOS Movie Era and TNG. Each article included my best guess of the ship stats as they would be represented in Star Trek Adventures.

“Then Utopia Planitia dropped. Complete with rules for making your own spaceframes, I knew my first project would be to update these frames for anyone looking to play in the “Lost Era”. Numbers changed as did some talents, but I believe the “feel” of these frames captures what FASA had originally intended. I have included both a PDF and a Word file for reference or direct editing with which Mission Profiles you choose to boldly go!”

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  1. Never really understood the hatred for the TNG Officer’s Manual. I mean it was made during the Cold War. And pretty much all that it had been outlining showed up with Ds9

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