Continuing Conversations 41—Minimizing Violence in your Star Trek Adventures Game

Star Trek Adventures contributor Jacob Ross (core rulebook, Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook) joins Jim and Michael to discuss how to run STA games that minimize violence but are still engaging for GMS and players alike. Hear tips on how to create campaigns that still intrigue and wow without phaser blasts and photon torpedos. Challenge yourself to make mesmerizing campaigns that don’t spill blood! We would love to hear your comments on this subject too!

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  1. I tend to run my games a bit more exploratory in nature. Phasers are occasionally used as tools (like is says in the lore) and most of my players are pretty good role-players that prefer the non-violent solution.

    That said, when it does look like things my escalate, the ships captain (Dominion War Vet) listens very carefully to recommendations and has a speech ready, “Are we certain we have considered everything? I am not naïve enough to think Starfleet is not a military organization, but once we pull the safeties off the torpedoes and use them, there is no going back. I’ve filled out enough letters to families that I would prefer not having to do that again.”

    It only comes out when combat is being considered and I try to give enough weight to combat where the players understand that it will get ugly. That he has a prominent scar on his face from the war tends to underscore when he delivers that line.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode and like the direction that Jim is taking to de-emphasize violence in Star Trek. Star Trek is about HOPE; whether for mutual understanding, inclusivity, and the betterment of all.

    I have a PC Starfleet captain of a ship which has yet to make use of photon torpedoes on a Sovereign class starship.

    One of my favorite missions to date was one that was intended to be a major altercation which after a few tense moments, we managed to turn it into a First Contact situation and formalized it with a Treaty.

  3. Sorry, not my cup of tea. Trek has had Klingons, and wars with Romulans and Xindi so it’s part of what Trek is. Roddenberry modeled it after stagecoach, for God’s sake. But you run your table as you see fit, I’ll keep mine as the Creator intended.

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