New Species: Corot

This species are expert and natural infiltration specialists. Enjoy!

Feel free to leave any comments or thoughts.


  1. It was good except for two things:
    1.) a temper and +1 control don’t really mix
    2.) the sound dampening field is a bit much

  2. I appreciate your opinion. I hope this will help to clarify things for you.

    Their temper is tempered to those who abuse technologies given by their god. Having a temper is not rage or a reckless anger. They are a highly secretive and disciplined people and they continue to maintain this anonymity as it is a fundamental part of their faith.

    The sound dampening field is a bio-engineered ability that was historically, and originally, a technological device that was given to them by their god. This is something that makes this species unique and helps them to continue their God-given agenda in the universe.

    Spoiler Alert: In a SNW episode we see the Gorn spawn having somewhat similar abilities. And if you think that their abilities are too strong for a Player Character, you can certainly use them as an NPC species to pit against players.

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