Video Tutorial: Majel the Discord Bot

A lot of people who play Star Trek Adventures RPG over the virtual medium have taken much pleasure in Majel the Discord Bot. Recently, a change in Discord forced some changes to take place. This was an opportunity for the creator of the bot to make some great changes and produce a wonderful video tutorial on its user-friendly functionality!

In this video, John Nguyen, creator of Majel the Discord Bot, will be going over some of the important Majel commands as well as the changes after discord API changes. (Check out our interview with John Nguyen that launches on Continuing Conversations episode 50 on November 18, 2022.)

John says, “I can afford to keep Majel up and running, but any help is appreciated.” You can support Majel the Discord Bot at this Patreon site:

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  1. Hey, I’d like some help, for some reason, Majel doesn’t want to appear when I type / commands, I see another bot I have in my server (Nero bot, for background music) but she won’t appear in the commands sidebar

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