Mission Brief: The Devil Within

After coming across this video about Black Hole Stars, I knew I had to make a mission brief surrounding one of these truly fantastic stellar bodies. Click the image to get a PDF!


  1. Just watched the linked video on black hole stars. It’s fascinating! (No pun intended.) This mission brief has some great potential! Can you imagine the technological advancement needed to create or maintain a black hole star past its natural lifespan? It would make building a Dyson Sphere look like playing with Legos!

  2. Nice adventure!. On finding some truly interesting sci-fi concepts that could be adapted, May I suggest Science & Futurism with Issac Arthur on Youtube. He has a lot of big scale and small scale ideas that could be worked into Trek easily. He’s had some interesting videos on anti-matter & fusion that could flesh out some basic ideas of what the implications of both of those power sources would have. Also, check out his Colonization series, which could give tons of ideas on different world types and the issues that come up with colonization

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