Composer Andy Luiten Creates Music To Make Your Star Trek Adventures’ Game Soar!

Hey there! I’m music composer Andy Luiten and this is my growing collection of music cues for Star Trek Adventures RPG use. I’m running a campaign for some life long Star Trek fans that grew up watching the shows together with me. As a composer and sound engineer I love the creative exercise of drawing out emotion through sound. I started making these music cues for my group, but then realized that they could be helpful for everybody that’s trying to get into the Star Trek mood with music that is based on the Trek style. So please feel free to put these to good use in your campaigns! 

If you’d like the full quality versions of the audio or would like to support me in the work feel free to head over to my Bandcamp profile where I’ll put up all of these cues ( And also feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or Bandcamp if you’re interested in a mood that’s not covered yet. I can’t guarantee when or if I’ll be able to get around to it, but I’ll be happy to hear and consider it!

Main Theme
Encounter at Galador VII
Something’s Coming

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