Ode to Spot: His Datafile (Meow)

Pets have always been a beloved aspect of life on Earth, and the same is true in the Star Trek universe. In the Star Trek Adventures RPG, players have the opportunity to incorporate pets into their characters’ lives and make them a part of the crew. Using pets in the game can add an extra layer of depth and complexity to the story, and it can also provide opportunities for role-playing and character development.

When incorporating pets into the Star Trek Adventures RPG, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, pets should be considered non-combatants and should not be used in combat situations. Second, pets should not be used as tools or weapons, and they should not be exploited for their abilities or attributes. Third, pets should be treated with respect and care, just like any other crew member.

One of the most famous pets in the Star Trek universe is Spot, Data’s cat. Spot is a long-haired feline with a distinct personality, and he has been featured in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Using the rules from the Star Trek Adventures RPG, players can create their own datafile for Spot and incorporate him into their own campaigns.

Datafile: Spot

Control 7, Fitness 6, Presence 4, Daring 2, Insight 6, Reason 4

Command 2, Security 2, Science 0, Conn 1, Engineering 0, Medicine 2

Persuasion (Purring), Security (Hiding), Medicine (Lap Time)

Feline Grace: Spot adds 1 to his Fitness score when performing agility-based tasks.

Stubborn: Spot’s strong willpower and determination allow him to resist attempts to control or manipulate him.

Special Ability: Cat-Like Reflexes – Spot is able to react quickly to danger and has an extra Minor Action in combat situations.

Equipment: None.

Using this datafile, players can incorporate Spot into their campaigns and use him to add an extra layer of depth and complexity to the story. Spot can provide opportunities for role-playing and character development, and his distinct personality and abilities can make him a beloved member of the crew. Whether he’s purring to persuade a hostile alien, hiding from danger, or providing lap time for a stressed-out crew member, Spot is sure to bring a touch of warmth and humor to any Star Trek Adventures RPG campaign.


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