A Matter of Discipline

Today’s post is by friend of the site Scott Ness. A Matter of Discipline is Scott’s fantastic mission set at Starfleet Academy and dealing with legal actions, galactic politics, and

Synopsis: It is exam season at Starfleet Academy and tensions are running high.  The crew is waiting for their ship to finish its latest refit and take the opportunity to visit Academy grounds and some familiar hang-out spots before they embark on their latest mission.  While at the academy, a fight breaks out between a cadet and an instructor.

As neutral parties, the crew is requested to serve as representation for the cadet’s court martial proceedings before an Academy review board to determine their fate.  At the same time, a group of cadets are assigned to hold mock court martial proceedings and are commencing their own investigations, an exercise which eventually complicates matters.  

While the case appears to be pretty open and close at the start, it quickly becomes apparent that there is more to the story than either party is sharing and there is more at stake than just the career of one cadet or instructor.

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