Movie Era Tokens

Today’s contribution comes from Keith “Felderburg” Blumenfeld, who created some tokens based on the tokens of Kyle Dressler.

Keith got into gaming through PC games, including RPGs, since he was a child. But he only got into tabletop RPGs later (late 20s) after a happenstance meeting with some RPGers. He’s been playing ever since.

He grew up with The Next Generation (“Best of Both Worlds” was his first cliffhanger, and Geordi La Forge’s action figure was my first show-and-tell item), and he was able to watch TOS on a channel that aired a bunch of shows from the 60s during the summers when he was a kid. He’s been hooked ever since and into Star Trek Adventures for some time now. Keith says he thinks the fact that the system includes simple mechanics/stats that allow for a broad array of activities is my favorite part… other than the Star Trek part!

Maroon “Monster” Tokens

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