Star Trek Adventures Super Fan (and Amazing Artist) Sebastian!

I am always in awe of the sheer talent of Star Trek Adventures fans. Today we have a doozy, Sebastian, who posted some jaw-dropping artwork on the STA Discord channel. Let’s let him introduce himself.

“My name is Sebastian (he/him), although I use Thyme as a nickname on the Modiphius Discord. I’m a watercolor and ink artist. I was trained specifically to work in comics, so a lot of the things that really inspire me to create art for myself are narrative-driven, especially narratives as personal and impactful as TTRPGs.

“To get to know a character, I usually draw them so I can imagine them better in my head as I play them, what their expressions might look like, and their mannerisms.

“I actually got into Star Trek because somebody told me that Garak from DS9 would be a good character to study for inspiration with a PC I made in a different tabletop game. Quickly after I started watching I fell utterly in love with the characters, especially (Major Kira and Julian Bashir), and the never-uncomplicated, but still ultimately hopeful future that Star Trek usually presents.

“When I found out about STA a couple of years later, I was really interested in the gameplay; the values system as a narrative tool, and a way for a character to grow and change.

“I’m enjoying the friendly community which really seems to embrace IDIC as a philosophy, and am currently trying my best to learn the ropes of running the game so that I can take my friends on our own deep space adventures! I enjoy sharing the character artwork I’ve done for either STA games I’ve played or character concepts I’ve been playing with so far!”

Thank you, Sebastian! It is an honor to know you. We can’t wait to see more of your work!

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