Whiskey-Inspired Mission Brief: “Cosmic Quandary: The Enigma of the Ethical Egg”


A remote outpost on the edge of Klingon space has made an unusual request for Starfleet assistance. The station, located on a minor Klingon farming world, has become host to an unexpected and ethically problematic guest: a mysterious, gargantuan, cosmic duck.


This astral waterfowl is known to roam the galaxies, appearing randomly on planets before laying an egg and vanishing again. Legend says these eggs hatch to reveal great treasures or advanced technologies. However, this time the duck has laid an egg on a Klingon world – a race not known for their gentle nature when it comes to potential treasures.

The Klingons are divided. Some believe in the warrior’s way, wanting to seize the egg, crack it open, and claim the prize within. Others argue that the egg is a sacred artifact that should be treated with respect and patience. Tempers are running high and the threat of civil conflict is looming.


The crew of your ship has been tasked by Starfleet Command to mediate this dispute before it escalates into full-blown conflict.

However, the crew will face challenges. First, they must convince the aggressive Klingons to opt for a more peaceful approach. Second, they need to devise a non-intrusive way to determine what lies inside the egg, ensuring its safety while satisfying Klingon curiosity.

The Role of the Deflector:

The crew will need to employ the ship’s deflector dish to gently probe the egg. Using a modified graviton beam to delicately scan the egg’s interior, they must gather enough information to quell the Klingons’ curiosity without harming the potentially valuable contents inside.

However, the task won’t be easy. They’ll need to adjust the deflector settings, taking into account the egg’s unique cosmic energy readings, and also convince the Klingon’s to allow such a procedure.

Potential Complications:

There may be other forces interested in the cosmic egg, including other Klingon factions, the Romulans, or even Ferengi treasure hunters, all of which could result in combat or diplomacy challenges.

Moreover, the cosmic egg might have its own defense mechanisms or other surprising characteristics that could cause complications during the deflector scan operation.


  1. Mediate the dispute between the Klingons and avoid a civil conflict.
  2. Safely scan the cosmic egg using the ship’s deflector without damaging it.
  3. Protect the cosmic egg from any outside forces looking to exploit it.


If successful, the crew would not only prevent a Klingon conflict, but they might also discover unprecedented cosmic knowledge. If they fail, they risk instigating a civil war and losing a potentially invaluable universal secret to aggressive parties.

In this mission, the crew will test their diplomacy, problem-solving, and technical skills, all while dealing with a truly unusual, and utterly quacking, cosmic phenomenon.


  1. “Whiskey-inspired”? Were you drinking whiskey, or is there a brand of whiskey named ‘cosmic duck’?

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