Tales from the U.S.S. Horizon—Episode 1: “Infectious Origins”

This story is written by Matthew Steele and is generated by roll tables provided in Captain’s Log Solo RPG.

Security’s Log, January 25th, 2368: 

Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Phillips reporting. That’s something that I still haven’t gotten used to. Hard to believe that it’s only been a month since I was assigned to the U.S.S. Horizon. 

The U.S.S. Horizon has been sent on a critical mission in the Lysara Sector. It’s a sector that not much has been known about. Uncharted territory for the Federation, if you will. I can confirm that there are five planets in this system – Lysaria, Drakalus, Xyria, Aquilon, and Zenthia. There have been rumors of feuds between two of the species, the Xyranthians and the Drakillians. The status of this sector’s Federation approval is dependent on this mission.

Upon entering the sector, we received a request to dock at Harmony Station for a meeting- a space station that serves as their neutral ground between the different polities. Captain Reynolds made the decision to split the team – one’s objective would be to attend the diplomatic meeting and the other’s to investigate the research station. 

I ask myself ‘Why Starfleet deemed it necessary to send us on this mission?’. But one thing is clear – this sector’s Federation approval is dependent on what transpires. To be honest, it feels like a weight has been placed on my shoulders. I don’t envy Captain Reynold’s responsibilities. But I must stay focused.

Security’s Log, supplemental:

The meeting didn’t go according to plan. The positive is that we made contact with different polities: the Lysarians, the Drakallians, the Nalorians, the Xyranthians, and the Zenithians. It’s clear that the Lysarians are the peacekeepers as the tensions between the Drakallians and the Xyranthians was very evident. We learned that Korvex Prime had been colonized recently by the Xyranthians. While the Xyranthians viewed this as a sign of their species’ strength and adaptability, others viewed it as a sign of power and force. Ambassador Valeer of the Lysarians was quick to remind Captain Vosran (of the Drakallians) and Commander Nalos (of the Xyranthians) of what the Lysara Sector was attempting to accomplish – proving to the Federation that they were ready to join them.

Captain Reynolds attempted to reach the away team down on the surface to no response…

To Be Continued…

*This mission brief was prepared using the Star Trek Adventures: Captain’s Log. It was a solo rpg session. There will be future installments that will perhaps be a bit more collaborative. And there is a bit of detail about the Lysara Sector and the different polities that have been worked out. If anyone wishes for further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. *

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