LCARDS: Designed to Support your Adventures in Star Trek

Star Trek Adventures and Captain’s Log Superfan Gareth Mugridge whips up amazing new tool for gameplay! Whilst they were developed for Captain’s Log, the cards can be used for story prompts for GM’s during play or in preparation for a game.

How do the cards work?

The cards contain information, usually only one word or a short phrase which the player or GM can use as a prompt for their actions during play.

The cards are broken down into 4 rough sections;

Section 1 contains general information including Era, a yes/no mechanic, series, a D20, an hours indicator, and a probability result.

Section 2 Contains Starship information

Section 3 Contains NPC information

Section 4 contains Environment information

If you are looking for inspiration, draw a card and either look at the section you need inspiration from or just use any of the words on the card. See if a word or phrase “jumps” out at you.

If you need a D20 roll, just draw a card and used the d20 figure as your result.

Don’t know what race you want to encounter? Draw a card and use the race logo.

A ship has appeared through a temporal rift, but which time has it come from? Draw a card and use the “era” section.

There really are no hard and fast rules with these cards. They are solely to help you in those moments you get stuck in. You can also keep drawing cards until you find the one you like.

I have included backs for the cards if you want to put them into sleeves.


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