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Redditor u/DarthAvner asked the other day about porting ships into Captain’s Log, and I decided, since I’ve done quite a bit with shipbuilding, I’d chime in. Now, a few days later, I feel like it was time to show even more of the sausage so you can make ships yourself. 

Also, I’m insane, so, ya know, there’s that.

1. Determine Ship Role

First, you’ll need to determine the role of your vessel. This is important, as many other decisions in ship creation will hinge on the ship’s role. Here are some options if you are struggling:

  1. Defense
  2. Rapid-Response
  3. Humanitarian Aid
  4. Diplomatic
  5. Research
  6. Exploration
  7. Supply/Transport
  8. Multi-Role

Throw a D8 if you need some help!

2. Make Ship Systems

Below you’ll see a table of how to make your own ships. Each row has a system value associated with it. Considering your role, ask yourself what systems are standard, and what systems are designed for the role specifically.

The table below has averages for each era, so that you can cumulatively add up your system scores and compare.

  • Extremely Substandard: This system is out of date, likely a hold-over a previous from a previous generation of space frame. It is two generations behind the current standard.
  • Substandard: One generation behind the current standard, this is still a serviceable technology. Refits may be necessary to bring to standard. This is typical if a ship is not using this technology as a part of its main role.
  • Standard: This is the standard specification for modern technology. Standard technology is specifically applied to ships when a responsibility in their role may be impacted. 
  • Above Standard: Space frames often feature systems that are above standard when that system directly impacts the main role of the vessel. 
  • State of the Art: State of the art technology requires significant resources and investment via the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. This is often rarely employed, and if so, only on a single system. This system likely applies directly to the main role of the vessel.
  • Bleeding Edge/Experimental: Often two generations ahead of standard Starfleet technology, bleeding edge technology is still in experimentation. It can sometimes be unstable, and often creates complications. This technology is sometimes adapted in the field, or in an experimental Starfleet model. It, like state of the art technology, is only employed on a single system, as it is too dangerous for crew to be running multiple experimental systems at once (particularly together). 

3. Ship Departments

In order to fulfill its obligations to the roles of different vessels, Captains will look for skilled personnel and tools that match the role their vessel is employed for. Below are a list of the ratings, as well as additional information about that rating. 

  1. GC (General-Capable): This number represents what XOs will refer to as GC, or general-capable tools and personnel. While not ideal for edge-cases, or extreme problems, these departments are more than adequate to handle day-to-day operations. This is the standard on vessels, and will reflect “factory settings”. 
  2. Specialized: This department is specialized for a specific task, either having additional tools or personnel focused on that task. For security teams, this means they have more weaponry and broader training, for medical, there may be additional medical facilities.
  3. Hyper-Specialized: This department is meticulously designed for this task. It has extra redundancies, including reserve tools and personnel, and these personnel are some of the most distinguished in Starfleet. 
  4. Renowned: This department is renowned for their skills. They not only have all the redundant tools and redundancies of hyper-specialized departments, they are also included on must-have rosters as XOs look for new crew members.  Departments with a 4 may also include experimental technologies, alien technologies or some other unique, one-of-a-kind advantage. 

Ships have an average of 15 when departments are combined. 

Era Chart

Below are an average set of values for each era. FUT is the 26th-29th century vessels. The average score is the total average number of points for each space frame. 

r/startrekadventures - Building Ships in Captain's Log

Get building!

I hope this is helpful when you do some building on your own! Full disclosure, I have not read the ship creation tool in the STA books, so feel free to use that if it makes more sense. 

I also encourage you to check out my free zine here:

Or, if you need a starting point, you can look at all 70+ ships (both official and mine), with suggested talents (many new!) here:

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