First Living Campaign, Decision Point, Completed. And Wow! (Free Tool Included)

Voyager_Out_of_the_Void“Decision Point” is an adventure for the Star Trek Adventures Living Campaign playtest series. This adventure is mean to be played by a Gamemaster (gamemaster) and 3-7 players, using the pre-generated characters provided.

This was my first stab at playing Star Trek Adventures. And WOW!

Now, my team is a little bit different. We are spread out all over the West Coast of the United States. So playing in person is out of the question. Hence, I created a tool as a guide to help the players make decisions. We generally communicate using WhatsApp when playing with occasional meet-ups via Skype.

I wrote a mini-novel called Decision Point, which I will post later. The synopsis: On Stardate 60123.28 whilst on a mission to catalog a class-S cluster in the Manaq Sector, the crew of the U.S.S. Pioneer, Starfleet’s most advanced science and survey vessel, receive new orders to recover the crew of the S.S. Tesla, a Federation science vessel that has crash-landed on the pre-warp world of Orgun III located in the mysterious Shackleton Expanse. The crew must track down the Tesla’s crew and recover the vessel without violating the Prime Directive.

For now, enjoy this tool.


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