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This might not be popular but I’m probably not talking to you. It’s nothing personal, just a numbers thing: out of all the people playing Star Trek Adventures most of them are players and only a small fraction are Gamemasters. It’s a tough job, but to those brave few willing to create and populate a whole galaxy I tip my hat. I’ve also got some tools for you!

First and foremost, I started on my own version of a Star Trek RPG Gamemaster’s Guide. Certainly we can expect more from Modiphius eventually complete with fresh mechanics and stuff: this is just some advice on running a Star Trek Adventures campaign if you want to start things off right.Star Trek Adventures - GM Resources - TipsNext, I use this guide to Breaches pretty regularly to reference issues that ships might be having. It’s straightforward and useful for keeping on a mobile device if you’re playing online (as Mike has outlined before).Star Trek Adventures - GM Resources - BreachesI also have two Attribute-Discipline charts to help you troubleshoot what combination you should be using for a given task. The first page is for characters, the second page for ships.Star Trek Adventures - GM Resources - Attribute-Discipline ChartThese guides to Gamemastering NPCs and NPC ships are all the collected advice I have on running Star Trek Adventures characters to keep your players on their toes. It’s got some practical advice and some storytelling advice and I’m pretty proud of them.

Star Trek Adventures - GM Resources - NPCs     Star Trek Adventures - GM Resources - NPC Ships

Note: These are two different PDFs so click on each image.



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